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Moment Photoshoot
Children are amazing - they are a gift of life. Unfortunately, however, they grow up so quickly these days. It's too easy to let time slip by and before you know it, your children are all grown up and are then leaving home.
With Moment Photography, I aim to capture these special moments of you and your family in a relaxed and familiar environment like your home or somewhere close by. 
As a parent of four, I can relate very well to children and kids of all ages. Children, in particular, require photographers who make them instantly feel at ease. Developing this connection is essential to creating a relaxed, natural feel to the photoshoot. It will allow your children to be themselves and have fun and will allow us to capture photos of them at their very best, the way YOU see them!
Where do these photoshoots take place?
These can take place at your home or if you have a great location near your home or a special place your family loves to visit?  Wherever it is, I'll tag along. I travel up to 1 hour from Monaghan to any location for no additional cost. 
Family photoshoots are suitable for all ages and can include the extended family at no extra fee. Extended photoshoots with grandparents and several families are becoming increasingly popular
What do I get after my Photoshoot?
I will select the best of the best images from the photoshoot and from there we will discuss which image/images you would like on canvas. You can choose between one 18x24 Inch canvas or two 12x16 inch canvases, you will also be giving five 8x10 prints plus 20 of the best images emailed to your inbox. Your canvas and prints will be posted to you within five business days of the photoshoot.
How much does it cost?
These sessions will last around 45 minutes and the cost is €150. Once arrangements have been made I will send you the invoice that allows checkout with Visa Debit or PayPal.
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