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Posters for the Boys Room

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I remember when I was young I had posters all over my room. My sisters were the same. They had posters of whatever boy band was popular at the time while I had posters of Wrestlers, Footballers and Movies.

I am always looking for cool poster ideas that I can come up with for my two boys room. Every year they have to start collecting the latest Match Attax cards so you could only imagine their faces when I made a replicate of the Match Attax only personalised to feature an image of themselves and their stats.

Personalize Match Attax Poster

Now, these were a great hit but living in Ireland, home of the GAA, I had people asking if I could do them with GAA clubs. Of course, I could tweak the personalised Match Attax posters and did do with a few of them but I wanted to create something different and unique for the GAA fans. That's where the personalised GAA Stat Poster from with a new stat for catching and strength.

Personalised GAA Football Poster

So, enough with the football I hear you saying. What about Superheroes! What about the Avengers?

Well, it just so happens that my two young boys are high superhero fans (which kid isn't). We have seen them all, Star Wars, The Avengers, The Batman's, The X-Men series so naturally enough I had to design a poster for them. Check out the personalised Avengers posters below featuring my son, Conor

Personalised Avengers Poster featuring my son, Conor.

Personalized Thor Poster featuring my son, Conor

Photoshop compositing is a big hobby of mine. This is where you would combine multiple photos into one which involves cutting characters out, adding backgrounds, effects and matching colours. The final results can make for some really cool posters that would look awesome in the children's room. Check out the example below of my children being chased by a Star Wars At-At Unit.

Personalized posters for your children's room

If you're looking for some personalised posters for your children's room, just have a look at my online store or if you have something in mind that you think would look cool just send me a message and I'll see if I can recreate your vision.