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When Design Goes Wrong

Updated: May 14, 2020

When we set out to design stuff, our intention is or should be to always make it the best and coolest design in the world. Whether it be logo's, posters, architecture, sign's etc. we just want it to stand out.

But sometimes design goes wrong and stands out for the wrong reasons. These designs below have to make you wonder how on earth nobody ever spotted their flaws before displaying them to the public.

But I guess despite the flaws of the designs below they do offer up a good laugh.

This store in the Philippines definitely has a way of getting people to notice it.

Going by their Facebook page which is called "F*ART Fashion ART" they are really embracing the design flaw. I guess if it works, it works.

Wow! Buzz Lightyear really does have a big straw. The designers really didn't think about the placement of the straw on this bottle.

Hot-dog stand or a giant butt with a giant stool?

I'm thinking the design consolation when something like this...

Designer: So what can I do for you Bobby Joe?

Bobby Joe: I want you to design me a Hot-dog stand my good fella.

Designer: Cool, tell me about your business?

Bobby Joe: Well I just shit out the best hot-dogs in Kentucky.

At least its not the 3 stripes

I just hope this poor girl realized this design flaw before going to the gym and posting the pictures all over Instagram... oops.

Maybe red wasn't the best choose of colour for this line although it would be worst if it was in brown. Or would it?