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Unique Canvas for Kids Room

I recently had a young boxer and his mom call into the studio in regards to getting something unique for his bedroom wall. This young lad was a very passionate boxer and it was clear to see by his knowledge of the sport.

I suggested to this mother about getting him to call in with his boxing gear and I would get some high-resolution images with my Sony A7iii.

The following week, this young lad arrived and was ready for some action shots. The shirt was off, gloves were on and his mom was helping him with all the different kids on punches he could pose with.

Making sure I had good light was essential and this was achieved using Godox AD200 and a 64-inch softbox.

Joanne, his mother had stated before the photo shoot that this young Kaiden's room was quite large and she would prefer my largest canvas which is 20 x 48 inches.

During this shoot I would off taking about 40 to 50 Raw images, four or five of these would be the same pose, just from different angles.

Photoshoot in County Monaghan

Once I had all the shots I needed it was into Adobe Photoshop for editing.

Taking great care with the Pen Tool I got a good accurate cutout for the young fella. I found the high-resolution background images on and from there it was just a matter of blending him in with the background.

For the image below, this involved adding some highlights to the areas where the light behind him would be hitting. Along his arm, his left boxing glove and the back of his head. My goal was to match the light brightness that was shining on the punching bag.

Taking the levels slider down helped me with his overall brightness and again, I used the exposure slider to add shadows to his lower shorts.

Young Boxer hitting a Punch Bag
One of the results from the photoshoot

For the second composite, again, I used the levels slider to achieve the correct brightness level and used the exposure slider to add shadows and highlights.

Young Boxer in the Ring
Magic of Photoshop