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Why Choose a Canvas over a Photo

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Photographs are priceless. They freeze a moment in time and allow us to relive happy memories simply by looking at them. With a canvas printed picture that will carry your images to life, you can make your memories last for generations.

Photos are traditionally shown on glossy paper and framed, while canvases were mostly used for abstract paintings. Photos are photography, whether they depict scenery or a family portrait. They should be shown in such a way that the charm that drew you to the scene in the first place is preserved. Canvas photo prints have a number of advantages over traditional photos which I hope to outline in this article.

Canvas printed in Ireland by Design Gaff

Maintaining a professional presence

Canvases can mimic the look of hand-painted paintings. A canvas shop's experts will be able to ensure that the picture looks fantastic. The defects in your picture can be fixed with stylistic touches. Due to the lack of a glossy finish, viewers can concentrate solely on the photo's detail without being distracted.


This is, without a doubt, the best feature of canvas printed prints. Canvas prints are made of more durable materials than paper. Your works of art will last for years thanks to archival canvas and inks. For canvas, Design Gaff use genuine fade resistant HP inks and we apply are UV resistant spray to protect against direct sunlight.

Simple Editing

Any photo can be edited to achieve the desired look. Digital scans can be used to create a digital image that can then be edited and printed. Editing includes things like deleting artefacts or individuals, as well as getting rid of those pesky red-eyes or blurring a background.

Design Gaff can also provide photo repair services if your image has been damaged.

Photo retouched and put on canvas by Design Gaff in Ireland
Blurring out distracting backgrounds is a must

Images that are larger

Our canvases are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8 to 30 inches and even larger if you're looking! This makes displaying big picture prints on canvas on any given wall much simpler. To make an even bigger scene, divide the photo into three panels and hang them side by side.

Is Lighter in Weight

Frames may become very heavy (depending on the type you buy of course). A canvas can weigh less than a framed photograph in the end. Without having to lift too much weight, you can hold, hang, rearrange, or store them.

Photographs are an integral part of recalling and sharing our special moments. They can be displayed in a variety of imaginative ways that add to the overall beauty of the situation. Don't let conventional photo printing techniques fade your favourite images. Instead, use a high-quality canvas print to enhance their elegance and keep them current.